Ladder Background
The Challenge Ladder was established to provide players of all abilities an opportunity to sharpen their tennis skills, build matchplay awareness, and meet new people along the way. Bennet Slusarz initiated the first Challenge Ladder format in 1996 at Live Oak Park in Manhattan Beach. Since its inception, the Live Oak Park Ladder has grown to average over 70-80 participants 4 times per year; Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. This ladder is open to both male & female players, all levels of ability, and all ages with the express purpose of improving your tennis game through weekly matches. Please prepare to be challenged both mentally and physically with a variety of styles and competitive spirits!
The Challenge Process
All players are required to play a Ladder match once a week or as specified by your director. A player with a win from the previous week shall challenge the player directly above him or her on the Ladder.

In order to keep players informed of rankings in a timely manner, this website will post all ladder results by Monday morning and an updated hard copy of the ladder will be posted at your director's assigned location. All players will be required to view the updated ladder at TennisMatrix.net in order to stay aware of the ladder rankings and thus, the challenge process. All players will receive an automatic match notification with their upcoming opponents contact information no later than Monday morning. All players must then schedule their next match in a prompt manner and no later then Tuesday of each week or as designated by your ladder director.

It is the responsibility of BOTH players to contact each other to arrange their match no later than Tuesday of each week. Both winners & losers must input their match results at this website as soon as possible after the completion of their match, and at the latest, by Sunday night at 9pm. All match results will be finalized and the week will close no later than Monday morning. Thank you!