General Rules
Your Director may customize these Rules

1. Ladder Membership is open to the public.
2. All matches shall be played at the location specified by your ladder director.
3. New players will be placed on the Ladder based upon a determination of their skill-level.
4. Match times and court reservations will be the responsibility of the players. If both players cannot agree on a match time, a computerized coin flip will determine the winner.
5. Only winners may challenge up.
6. Both players are required to bring a new can of tennis balls & the winner of the match shall retain the new can!
7. Proper tennis attire and tennis shoes are required.
8. Players shall split the court fees.
9. USTA rules and regulations of fair play and good sportsmanship shall govern play. Any problems should be brought to the director's attention for resolution. The director has the right to disqualify any problem players from participation.
10. A player who is challenged must accept the match or forfeit his/her Ladder position to the challenger. Being unavailable for any reason (e.g. injured, out of town, etc.) does not change this requirement. Players who know they will be unavailable for a specific time period should inform the director so that a sub may be found. After a reasonable amount of time has passed without receiving a response from the opponent, that player shall contact the director to report a default.
11. If a player has 2 weeks of inactivity for any reason, they risk forfeiture of their ladder position to a substitute for the remaining weeks. Please respect your opponents' interest in playing all matches!
12. There will be incentives for playing all matches win or lose and players will be rewarded for specific winning records! Rule #12 is a valuable rule!