Round Robin Format
Welcome to the Round Robin! This format is a much more flexible format than the challenge ladder but based on the same ability levels. Players will schedule matches on their own time ~ either no matches if they are out of town or more than a match per week if desired. The goal is to play all players in your division before the end of period deadline. All match results are posted on by all players win or lose as soon as their match is complete.

This format allows for players of all ages, both male & female to compete based on similar ability, not age or sex. Players will play as many matches as there are entrants in their division over the time period designated by the Director (usually an 8-10 week period). The Director will place players based on their ability level in their appropriate division which coincides with the level the player had played at on the standard challenge ladder or the corresponding rating given them. The Director may also choose to have a playoff for the top 2 best records at the end of the season.
Basic Round Robin Rules
1. All entrants will receive a confirmation of their Division and thus, their opponents' contact information via-email.
2. It is the responsibility of All Players to schedule their own matches to the best of their ability and in a timely manner immediately following their notification!
3. Participants must play as many matches as possible and preferably all the opponents in their division before the end of period deadline.
4. All Players must log in to and report their result as soon as possible after their match is complete (win or lose) to insure proper recording of match results.
5. The top 2(Best Records) will play-off at the end of the season at the Director's discretion.
6. A new can of balls should be provided for each match and the winner retains the un-open can.
7. Proper tennis attire and USTA rules of fair play and good sportsmanship shall govern play.
8. Any disputes or problem's scheduling matches should be brough to the Director's attention immediately.