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Tennis Teaching Pros/Directors Building Grass-Roots Tennis Participation!
The goal of is very simple: To promote the participation in the great game of tennis with a proven challenge ladder format. helps Tennis Pros and Directors make a supplemental income (off court) by running tennis challenge ladders via the system. The proven, basic format is one match per week or any time frame the Pro/Director chooses. Most common is an 8-week, 1 match per week season but the time frame is flexible and depends upon the local market interest. Upon closing each period the player moves up or down one position depending on their prior match results. There will also be a round-robin format available at the Pro/Director’s discretion.
How Benefits Tennis Pros/Directors!
What is unique about this system is that is able to handle multiple ladders simultaneously anywhere in the world with a multitude of functionality; thus allowing participants to sign-up on-line, pay on-line, report their scores on-line, receive automatic match notification e-mails and view all past ladder results. Additionally, will provide Pros/Directors basic marketing techniques through member e-mails and consultation in order to facilitate a smooth running ladder season. The facility of all these on-line capabilities allows Pros/Directors to focus on their local marketing (students & clientele) via & saves an enormous amount of time and effort with the details. A substantial supplemental income is attainable based upon the total number of participants per ladder and the number of ladders the Pro/Director chooses to run per year. The key to the success of each and every ladder will be the Pro/Director's capability of educating their clientele with their specific ladder rules, which all Pros/Directors will be able to customize on their own templates. A general Rules page is provided, see Rules.
Tennis Pro/Director Set-Up Cost
There will be a maintenance fee of $50 per ladder of any size and a “ Participant Fee” (20% of total collected income). All fees will be administered by PayPal. Pros/Directors must have a Premier or Business (both free) PayPal account to receive money on-line. It is not necessary for players to have a PayPal account to sign up for a ladder. Player entry fees are determined by their local Pro/Director. Please feel free to contact the founder, Bennet Slusarz, for more information regarding the creation of your own tennis ladder!
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